This is the first step of process as a quality check in which you will get the cells and assurance to use for the battery pack. This step also covers formation


This is second step where you can segregate cells according to their voltages and IR, it will help to achieve stability in battery pack like use for EV and ESSS.

Polarity Check

THis step is very important in mass scale assembly line. Large battery pack contains many cells , if any of them will be placed wrong, it will cause problem during welding.

Spot Welding

Modules will get ready with the help of spot welding process. Here speed and quality of spot is very indirectly affects to production

30 Seconds Test

This is fault detection test. After soldering of BMS you can check battery for 30 seconds. It will help to save time. If any one of the battery have issues, you can correct here.


This process is the last testing process after packing in which we will get battery performance assurance with exact capacity. It will help to improve quality of process.

Final Product

After going through all this process, we can finally get a battery that looks similar to the picture you can see above.

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